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Day 3

Today we arrived at 5:00 a.m. on time to find ourselves in Los Angeles Union station. Once we got off the train we went down to the baggage storage area to put our stuff up so we could go see the Hollywood sign. It did not exactly go as we had planned – just let me tell you about this little adventure. It went something like this: We wandered around the train station for about a half hour then finally figured out how to get on the subway. We did not know were to go so we just hopped on a train then waited till what we thought was our stop. When we approached the stop, we forgot to get off so at the next stop we got off then got on another subway which only stayed in a spot for about twenty seconds. We got on it, but not my grandma and her sister… they were just walking along peacefully when the doors shut! My mom instinctively put her arm through it, but it did not open and she was stuck! After a while they opened the door and my grandma and aunt got in. Then we just went back to the train station and said “we’re done.” After that we went and walked around for a bit and then went to wait for our train the (Coast Starlight). As we were leaving Los Angeles we saw all kinds of farms including giant fields of strawberries. All day long we traveled up the California coast seeing the Pacific ocean, beautiful beaches, going through mountains, and even a few caves! All was happy and good well for me anyway. That night we arrived in Emeryville California which is close to San Francisco. Our hotel was really awesome, and we were able to get a really good night of sleep.