At 11:40 pm the Titanic collided with an iceberg, but the captain did not find out until later that unforgiving cold night. Just after midnight the captain found out about the flooding of the ship, and he told the crew they had an hour and a half before the boat was drenched in freezing waters. 12:50 am, and the captain sent a distress call to New York. The captain said “We have been struck by an iceberg. Badly damaged. Rush aid.” 20 minutes later the first lifeboats were launched but not everyone evacuated. The first lifeboats were only one-fourth full. One frozen hour later, the propellers and ship sunk under the water, and so did the captain. After 2 hours of waiting, the Carpathia came to the rescue but only got 711 out 2,222 people and in April 18 the survivors arrive.

Alexander the Great was an amazing man. This essay is the tale of his earliest great feats. Since he was born into a royal family, Alexander’s life was chaotic due to his father’s royal position. Phillip II was a battle fighting expert, who taught Alexander his amazing battle tactics. While purchasing a horse, Phillip II saw the horse named Buscephalis, but he was not interested because he heard it was unable to be tamed. The amazing Alexander promised to tame the creature to get it for free. He would pay for it if he failed. So immediately he tamed the massive, muscular horse at age ten overcoming a huge feat that none could seem to conquer but him. The horse was afraid of his own shadow, so he turned it toward the sun and rode, and it worked! Now he had successfully tamed his horse. His father also wanted him to learn from the best, so he took him to the famous philosopher and scientist Aristotle. Aristotle inspired his thirst for knowledge from interests in medicine, philosophy and, history. Then at age 18 he fought at his father’s side in the heat of battle and won the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC. Two years later his father was brutally assassinated by Pausanias (one of his bodyguards) but was soon taken down by the other bodyguards. Now at 20 years of age, he was the king of Macedonia.

The first ruler is Thutmose the Father of Hatshepsut, the woman pharaoh. Thutmose was a strong ruler he expanded Egypt’s borders and died during 1493. Some people think that Thutmose is the best ruler because he ruled the people, and he loved to fight, so they were always safe.

The second ruler I will talk about is Hatshepsut she was the first woman pharaoh. She is a rare ruler because Egypt has never seen a woman pharaoh. She became the ruler because her brother died at a young age so she said she would rule, but people were skeptical. She said that if you do not like a girl ruler at like I am a man and after that she started wearing men’s clothes and acting like a man to rule. Her dad was a big inspiration Thutmose. She wanted so bad to be a ruler like her father, so she dressed up and ruled. She was known for building lots of statues and temples like the Temple of Karnak.

The third is Nebuchadnezzar; he was the ruler of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was known for the battle at Elam and the fight over the idol Marduk.

The fourth is Shamshi-adad the king of Assyria. The king was named after one of the gods he worshipped named adad he was the god of weather, hurricanes, storms, thunder, and rain. Shamshi-adad unlike others who wouldn’t be fair or rule by laws he just wanted to be king of the whole world. He lived in a city called Assur but soon made he died, and the Assyrian empire was left to the brothers and then it fell apart. That’s when Hammurabi stepped into the scene.

Hammurabi unlike shamshi-adad he was nice, and he let the Assyrian leaders keep control of their city as long as they followed his simple Hammurabi code. The people who were conquered were happy to obey, but they still thought of the one day they would be free.

My personal favorite ruler of all of them is Hammurabi because he was nice (compared to the others anyway) and he just had a set of laws instead of beating and murdering people.

The Mohenjo-Daro was a very mysterious place. There are lots of tales about the Mohenjo -Daro but I have my own that I think is possible.
1.There might have been a sudden sickness.
2. An army may have conquered it because the archeologists said that people were dying in the streets and that it was deserted. An army did conquer then why did they not live there if it was so grand.
3. They may have left due to a sickness or a disease.
4. Might have been running from a massacre.
But there is also another theory that says there might have been a flood that passed through the town and may have killed people running from the flood.The surge could’ve been passing over for about a three days, and they might have run out of food or water. But to me the flood theory was more believable because they live by the river. The archeologists said that the sand covered the buildings, so a surge of water could have happened, but there is no proof. They probably could not have lived there anymore because of the sand that was on the building from the overflow.So that was my paper about the deserted city around 2600 bce or bc the end.

This post will be about comparing two short stories named The White Heron and The Diamond Necklace

These stories have some differences like the diamond necklace in the story is not a living thing but in the white heron story it is about the bird which was a living thing. This is only one of the differences; there are probably more, but I can’t find any others. Aside from the differences there are comparisons. One of the comparisons is that they are both about objects and not a person or place. The second comparison is that they are middle class and not rich. I know this because in The Diamond Necklace they don’t have enough money to buy the necklace back immediately, and in The White Heron because they lived in a barn.

The Diamond Necklace is about a middle-class couple wanted to go to a rich party but had no rich necklaces to look good. During the party, the necklace breaks and they are scared because they did not have enough money to buy it back. So they said, “we will take the other necklace and buy a new one.” Then they were in debt for about five years and after that time the poor people told the rich people. They said that they spent the last five years in debt and working hard for 10,000 franks for the necklace and the rich people said they only bought it for 5,000 franks.

The White Heron is about a Heron that a hunter wants to kill, and a middle-class family takes him in while he looks for the bird, but the daughter does not want him to stay there. The daughter knows where the white Heron is but her instinct makes her not accept the money because she loves the white heron, so she keeps her mouth shut.

The stories are not my favorite, but I would rate The Diamond Necklace 3/5 and The White Heron a 2/5.

El Rancho Cima is a Boy scout summer camp and this is were I went for a week long journey. E.R.C is a 30 minute drive from San Antonio This camp is 65 years old! This is one of my Favorite camps I have been to so far. My friend and I canoed and Kayaked the most of the time. For our classes I took Cooking ,First aid , and Photography My favorite one was cooking because our teacher was funny and we learned a lot like how to make a burgers and how to cook doughnuts and to Steam vegetables. This week was full of lots of awesome things like dodge ball tournaments to swimming competitions and Canoe tug of war. We went to sleep at about 11:00 pm and wake up about 6 am and climb half a mile up a hill called appetite hill. The food was not that good but that was because they had to feed about 1000 scouts. But other than the food it was a amazing camp overall.

Genghis Khan was the emperor of the Mongolian empire and his name means universal ruler. Temujin was Genghis Khans birth name and name when he was younger. Genghis khan gained lots of people that thought that he should be emperor and eventually when he was 18 he ruled over the Mongolians. His brother made a code of law called the Yassa and the empire had to follow these rules or be severely punished or tortured. Genghis’s army was a strong and bold army and captured and won lots of battles. Mongols today still worship him because of his braveness and boldness of the smart ruler.

The Magna Carta was the first was the document to say no freeman should be punished unless by the law of where they lived and this is a law still used today in England.

A group of barons had started to conspire against King Johns promises During 1209 – 1212. This lead to the Battle of Bouvines and to conflicts with pope innocent III which left john in submission. In 1215 the barons had a open rebellion against King John. Barons Won so King John Was forced to sign the Magna Carta and the people had their freedom.

Today I am writing about White Fang, in the first part of the book you are introduced to 2 men Henry and Bill they set forth to retrieve the body of Lord Alfred to their town. During this adventure they experience a great famine of food and ammo. They become suspicious of the number of dogs in the pack and they notice a extra it was a she-wolf as they called it and the whole time it had been luring the wolves away to eat them. After 4 dogs being eaten Bill tries to kill the she wolf but is taken down by the rest of the 2 including the she wolf. Henry is now by himself with no ammo and after he wakes up one morning and saw that he had no wood he wanted to go get some but he would have gotten taken down by the wolves so he sits and waits eventually he gets rescued by Indians.

For the next part of the book it switches to the she wolf’s narrative and she is traveling with 3 other males first there is a quarrel and One eye makes it alive killing the other 2 dogs. One Eye and the She wolf travel together and after a while the she wolf has to settle down and give birth and for shelter they settle in a cave. A famine of food starts as the cubs are born and things are difficult and One Eye is forced to find food but the cubs die besides a gray wolf who is the strongest of the litter and the most curios. When he goes out to the wild he learns a very valuable lesson “Kill or be Killed”.

In Part three the cub and Mother take off and find themselves in a Indian camp and the Indian notices the mother and calls to her ‘Kiche” and this is when we meet Gray Beaver, and the grey cub is named White Fang because he was growling at the man how was calling Kiche. White Fang learns to obey “man god” he is first taken with Gray Beaver to sell some of the pelts he had and there he learned to become a fighter by fighting the other dogs there and he meets lip lip and he fight him. He is seen by A ugly old man ironically named Beauty Smith who wants to buy him by tricking him to alcohol and then make his offer later and it works after he gets so addicted the Old man offers him bottles as payment. Later he is put to fight bloody battles with other dogs eventually a man comes to his rescue and takes White Fang from Beauty Smith when he tries to get him back he is threaten to be put in jail. Then we meet Weedon Scott and he is the one who saves White Fang. Under the Care of Weedon he first feels what is was to be loved and before he only knew like. When Weedon has to go to California and he leaves White Fang behind, but little did he know White Fang Actually sneaked on board and went with him.


At the end of this book White Fang becomes a trained dog and saves him from a broken leg by alerting his family he also dies from attacking an escape from prison who Weedon had put in jail. I rate this book 10 out of 10 And this is one of my favorite books and is going with my top ten.



Treasure Island is book about a young man named Jim Hawkins he is the son of a mother that has an Inn and this inn has frequent visitor who tells stories and lives there his name is Captain Bones but Bone has has a heart attack and is dieing when he give a treasure map to Jim. Jim wants to find the treasure on the map and takes a doctor who was helping Bones recover and they try and make a crew. The doc finds one person Named Long John Silver who is so charismatic that he coaxes him to let him pick the crew and this was the dumbest move of the whole book.

They find a Ship called the Hispaniola they sail off the next day. They Start running out of food and there is only one apple left Jim goes to get it at the bottom of the barrel when he hears some one coming he jumps in the barrel to listen he finds out Silver is plotting to have a mutiny to take over to get all of the gold. After a couple weeks of sailing they find it the good crew goes to find the gold and silver is on the ship. Jim is still on the ship but he sneaks off he later finds a marooned pirate whose name was Ben Gun. and he claims he is rich but Jim thinks he is crazy.

Silver is the one with all the guns and the captain calls for a truce but neither of them really want to give up. Later the good part of the crew finds a fort and the pirate attack the good crew won because they had a fort and the pirates lose a lot of members. When Jim sneaks of to do his plan he finds the ship he wants to beach the boat. He gets on and finds that the crew is drunk and have resorted to killing each other.

He finds his friend Hands and they navigate the ship together he later finds out that Hands wants to kill him yet he is shocked when he actually attacks him. After that he leaves to go to the fort that the good crew was in fort but when he gets there he is captured and found out that they had left and the pirates took over. Finally when the pirates look for the gold they find it was already taken. when they where looking the good crew attacked and killed all but Silver and Ben Gun had already taken the gold and they left Silver marooned and they took Ben Gun and the gold and went home.