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I have been rowing for about 2 months now in my local club. From Monday to Thursday we start at 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. I first start by putting my name on the board, next we run 4 laps or do sprints up and down the bridge. After sprints/laps, we take our boats out and get on the water, we always have a workout we need to do. after our workout we clean our boats and put them into the boat house.

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender Wiggin is a third(a third is a third child that is born because you are only allowed to have 2 children).Ender is being bullied a lot at school because he is a third. Stillson is one of the bullies at his school and one day he antagonizes Ender so much that he fights back and wins. What Ender didn’t know was that he was being monitored for battle school so the next day Colonel Graff comes to his door to offer him a place there.
On the ship, someone starts hitting him on the head so he starts timing it and when the time is right he grabs the arm and throws a boy named bernard but brakes his arm. While at battle school they throw him into the hardest position but he makes it through soon they let him have a team to play in a game that’s like freeze tag.
Ender gets a whole new team all the people do not know what they are doing because they just got to battle school. The whole team goes through hardships, but they never lose a game even when there are 2 teams against them at one time. The adults start trying to break Ender by sending him into hard situations. After they pushed him hard they sent him to commander school where he trained in his simulator with his friends. One day they secretly sneaked him into a simulator to where he was actualy contolling the ship. Ender kills all of the aliens and wins the battle.