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Dear Future Corbin

I am writing to you from the past using what is called the internet I don’t know if it will be around in a year but who knows. Right now in the past there are a bunch of people who listen to a song called Lean On by Major Lazor. Agree to say this song sucks because it is not that good if that song is still popular.Your best friends are Sam Eberhardt and Nick Leblanc.
Here are 3 of my goals I have set and see if I have completed them. Number One – Help out around the house more.This means doing more than chores or what people ask for you to do aka above and beyond. Number Two – Find out what job you want to get and pursue it. Right now I am thinking about being a Nurse Practioner since male nurses are in demand for lifting obese people or other tasks that require strength. Number Three – To learn more and to get smarter. Continue reading and doing schoolwork.
Today it is Friday, September 4, 4:00 in the afternoon and the Micah and Charles / Chuck are home. The Little Ones are home and I am gonna spend the night Nicky’s house so bye future Corbin Matlock.