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This story starts with a married surgeon by the name of Gulliver from Nottingham, England. Gulliver loves traveling possibly more than his family. One day on one of his adventures he gets washed up on an island and is captured by little people when he is sleeping they take him to their emperor. After that, the leader is great friends with Gulliver and asks him to help him capture an enemy who he has been battling. But still the little people want to blind him and starve him because he is eating so much of their food. After Gulliver hears of this, he just leaves after a random human sized boat appears on the shores. He rows to Australia and finds a boat back to England.
After that Gulliver couldn’t get enough and went back adventuring around and gets shipwrecked again on an island called Brobdingnag this time it is giants and not small people. The queen takes Gulliver as her pet for her amusement. He was in constant danger and bees the size of birds trying to kill him and stab him, a puppy almost tramples him, and a monkey mistakes him for his own and tried to stuff him full of food. Finally after a weird turn of events he ends up in England. He only stays for only two months when he is in Vietnam, and he sees an overhead shadow, and it turns out to be the flying island of little people. Gulliver also visits glubbdubdrib an island of sorcerers where he gets to meet ghosts of old historical people. And Houyhnhnm land where horses ruled humans and they were polite so polite that on him a way to Portugal he nearly jumps off.
After he comes back from his adventures, he is disgusted that he had three children with his wife he can barely be in the same room with them.
Lesson learned from Gulliver is that the more you see humans, the less you want to be one.