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Animal Farm is a book setting set on a farm in 1945. It starts on the Manor Farm where a smart pig named Old Major gave a speech. He explained how the humans were enslaving these animals and only feeding them enough to keep the breath in their bodies he hoped the animals to overthrow the humans one day.
Three days later old Major died. The next night the animals gathered together to overthrow Mr. Jones! The next day the pigs (the smartest animals on the farm) made seven commandments. Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy, whatever is on 4 legs or has wings is a friend, no animal shall wear clothes, no animal shall sleep in a bed, no animal shall kill another animal, all animals are equal.
A couple of months later Jones came back to try to take the farm back. He came with a few other farmers, and Mr. Jones had a pistol. Napoleon and Snowball led the attack because they were both pigs. After the attack, the only one hurt by the attack was snowball he got hurt by a bullet from Jones’s gun (which he left behind). The battle was later known as the Battle of Cowshed.
Later that year Mollie one of the younger horses is lured off the farm by sugar and ribbons (that are all she cared about). After that, the pig named Snowball starts drawing plans for a windmill he claimed would give each of their stalls hot, cold water and electricity. But Napoleon is a power hungry pig, and he summons a pack of dogs to chase Snowball off the farm forever. So after that there were no one else to debate against his power. Squealer a persuasive pig and one of the smartest works for Napoleon. Squealer is the spokesperson for Napoleon, and he says that the whole time Napoleon was the original pig to think of the windmill idea. He didn’t want snowball to take all the credit.
And as the farm progresses the other animals are getting fed less and less while the pigs get all the food because they are said to be the smarter animals. Squealer said they needed it because they are the organizers, Filers, Teachers, etc. of the entire farm, and they would be nowhere without them. Boxer, the incredibly strong horse, continues the building of the windmill. Napoleons leadership gets so bad that he forces innocent animals to commit to their affiliations with Snowball and say that they tried to kill him they were killed on the spot.
In August, the windmill was finished, and they were going to sell a pile of wood to a human. They end up giving it to Fredrick who is one of the neighbors. It turned out that the bank notes were forged all along! Soon after that the farmers tried to take the farm back for themselves but fail the only thing they did was blow up the windmill that took them one year. Then one night the pigs change the rules to 5 commandments, 4 legs good 2 legs better (because the pigs started to walk on to legs and carried whips too), no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets, no animal shall drink alcohol to excess, no animal shall kill another animal without cause. Later they only reduced it to all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
After that Boxer had devoted himself to build the new windmill but collapses and Napoleon calls a horse slaughterer instead of a doctor that is what he said he would do. So the power thirsty pig gets money for selling the horse to the slaughter house. After that the animals say that it said horse slaughterer on the side of the truck but Squealer said that it was just because they were borrowing the truck, and he died a peaceful death and the animals believe him too.
The last scene of the book is when the animals look through the window and can’t tell which is which the pig from the humans. The pigs are even playing cards with one of the neighbors named Pilkington and drinking alcohol.

Mathilde Loisel is an attractive woman who feels like life has been unfair to her in her world. Mathilde lives a low-class life and is embarrassed by it too. She is so embarrassed that she would not meet up with one of her old rich classmates. On the other hand, her husband is as happy as can be. Seeing that Mathilde is sad he is excited to bring home a party invitation from one of his friends. To his surprise, she slams it on the table in rage and refuses to go because she would have nothing to wear to such a fancy event.

Later a family member suggests borrowing some jewelry from one of her friends named Madam Forestier’s jewelry.The next day Mathilde shows up to borrow some of her jewelry. She starts to look when she finds a stunning diamond necklace and chooses to go with it.

The Night of the ball, she shows up, and she is the most stunning girl in the room. All the men stared at her in astonishment. She was very happy that night because she out does every rich person in the room. After the dance, she looks in the mirror, and she is looking for the necklace when she notices it is gone. They all retrace their steps and can’t find it.

For the next couple of years of their life, they save up to pay Madam for the lost necklace but madam does not notice it is gone. After they save up, they go to pay madam, and they give her the money and then madam says it was only a couple hundred dollars not how much they payed for!