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Name History:

Silicon Valley is an in the lower part of San Francisco. The name originated from the famous silicon chip used by computers. The valley was a place of major history outlet because of its transistors that were made and produced there. Silicon Valley was put on the map by inventors like William Shockley, Robert Joyce, etc.

The Traitorous Eight:

They got their name because of their so-called “betrayal” to Shockley (another man who makes transistors who they were working for before they all left) and there were eight people who left and joined Fairchild’s semiconductors. They also made products for N.A.S.A. to put on their space ship.

The Internet:

After the internet had become, popular Silicon Valley became a hot spot for many dot-com companies. Since this boom was coming to San Francisco The real estate economy started to boom. Even though some of those companies flunked, but many still rule the web like Netflix, Ebay, and Google