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The first ruler is Thutmose the Father of Hatshepsut, the woman pharaoh. Thutmose was a strong ruler he expanded Egypt’s borders and died during 1493. Some people think that Thutmose is the best ruler because he ruled the people, and he loved to fight, so they were always safe.

The second ruler I will talk about is Hatshepsut she was the first woman pharaoh. She is a rare ruler because Egypt has never seen a woman pharaoh. She became the ruler because her brother died at a young age so she said she would rule, but people were skeptical. She said that if you do not like a girl ruler at like I am a man and after that she started wearing men’s clothes and acting like a man to rule. Her dad was a big inspiration Thutmose. She wanted so bad to be a ruler like her father, so she dressed up and ruled. She was known for building lots of statues and temples like the Temple of Karnak.

The third is Nebuchadnezzar; he was the ruler of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was known for the battle at Elam and the fight over the idol Marduk.

The fourth is Shamshi-adad the king of Assyria. The king was named after one of the gods he worshipped named adad he was the god of weather, hurricanes, storms, thunder, and rain. Shamshi-adad unlike others who wouldn’t be fair or rule by laws he just wanted to be king of the whole world. He lived in a city called Assur but soon made he died, and the Assyrian empire was left to the brothers and then it fell apart. That’s when Hammurabi stepped into the scene.

Hammurabi unlike shamshi-adad he was nice, and he let the Assyrian leaders keep control of their city as long as they followed his simple Hammurabi code. The people who were conquered were happy to obey, but they still thought of the one day they would be free.

My personal favorite ruler of all of them is Hammurabi because he was nice (compared to the others anyway) and he just had a set of laws instead of beating and murdering people.

The Mohenjo-Daro was a very mysterious place. There are lots of tales about the Mohenjo -Daro but I have my own that I think is possible.
1.There might have been a sudden sickness.
2. An army may have conquered it because the archeologists said that people were dying in the streets and that it was deserted. An army did conquer then why did they not live there if it was so grand.
3. They may have left due to a sickness or a disease.
4. Might have been running from a massacre.
But there is also another theory that says there might have been a flood that passed through the town and may have killed people running from the flood.The surge could’ve been passing over for about a three days, and they might have run out of food or water. But to me the flood theory was more believable because they live by the river. The archeologists said that the sand covered the buildings, so a surge of water could have happened, but there is no proof. They probably could not have lived there anymore because of the sand that was on the building from the overflow.So that was my paper about the deserted city around 2600 bce or bc the end.