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This post will be about comparing two short stories named The White Heron and The Diamond Necklace

These stories have some differences like the diamond necklace in the story is not a living thing but in the white heron story it is about the bird which was a living thing. This is only one of the differences; there are probably more, but I can’t find any others. Aside from the differences there are comparisons. One of the comparisons is that they are both about objects and not a person or place. The second comparison is that they are middle class and not rich. I know this because in The Diamond Necklace¬†they don’t have enough money to buy the necklace back immediately, and in The White Heron because they lived in a barn.

The Diamond Necklace is about a middle-class couple wanted to go to a rich party but had no rich necklaces to look good. During the party, the necklace breaks and they are scared because they did not have enough money to buy it back. So they said, “we will take the other necklace and buy a new one.” Then they were in debt for about five years and after that time the poor people told the rich people. They said that they spent the last five years in debt and working hard for 10,000 franks for the necklace and the rich people said they only bought it for 5,000 franks.

The White Heron is about a Heron that a hunter wants to kill, and a middle-class family takes him in while he looks for the bird, but the daughter does not want him to stay there. The daughter knows where the white Heron is but her instinct makes her not accept the money because she loves the white heron, so she keeps her mouth shut.

The stories are not my favorite, but I would rate The Diamond Necklace 3/5 and The White Heron a 2/5.