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El Rancho Cima is a Boy scout summer camp and this is were I went for a week long journey. E.R.C is a 30 minute drive from San Antonio This camp is 65 years old! This is one of my Favorite camps I have been to so far. My friend and I canoed and Kayaked the most of the time. For our classes I took Cooking ,First aid , and Photography My favorite one was cooking because our teacher was funny and we learned a lot like how to make a burgers and how to cook doughnuts and to Steam vegetables. This week was full of lots of awesome things like dodge ball tournaments to swimming competitions and Canoe tug of war. We went to sleep at about 11:00 pm and wake up about 6 am and climb half a mile up a hill called appetite hill. The food was not that good but that was because they had to feed about 1000 scouts. But other than the food it was a amazing camp overall.