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Genghis Khan was the emperor of the Mongolian empire and his name means universal ruler. Temujin was Genghis Khans birth name and name when he was younger. Genghis khan gained lots of people that thought that he should be emperor and eventually when he was 18 he ruled over the Mongolians. His brother made a code of law called the Yassa and the empire had to follow these rules or be severely punished or tortured. Genghis’s army was a strong and bold army and captured and won lots of battles. Mongols today still worship him because of his braveness and boldness of the smart ruler.

The Magna Carta was the first was the document to say no freeman should be punished unless by the law of where they lived and this is a law still used today in England.

A group of barons had started to conspire against King Johns promises During 1209 – 1212. This lead to the Battle of Bouvines and to conflicts with pope innocent III which left john in submission. In 1215 the barons had a open rebellion against King John. Barons Won so King John Was forced to sign the Magna Carta and the people had their freedom.