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Today I am writing about White Fang, in the first part of the book you are introduced to 2 men Henry and Bill they set forth to retrieve the body of Lord Alfred to their town. During this adventure they experience a great famine of food and ammo. They become suspicious of the number of dogs in the pack and they notice a extra it was a she-wolf as they called it and the whole time it had been luring the wolves away to eat them. After 4 dogs being eaten Bill tries to kill the she wolf but is taken down by the rest of the 2 including the she wolf. Henry is now by himself with no ammo and after he wakes up one morning and saw that he had no wood he wanted to go get some but he would have gotten taken down by the wolves so he sits and waits eventually he gets rescued by Indians.

For the next part of the book it switches to the she wolf’s narrative and she is traveling with 3 other males first there is a quarrel and One eye makes it alive killing the other 2 dogs. One Eye and the She wolf travel together and after a while the she wolf has to settle down and give birth and for shelter they settle in a cave. A famine of food starts as the cubs are born and things are difficult and One Eye is forced to find food but the cubs die besides a gray wolf who is the strongest of the litter and the most curios. When he goes out to the wild he learns a very valuable lesson “Kill or be Killed”.

In Part three the cub and Mother take off and find themselves in a Indian camp and the Indian notices the mother and calls to her ‘Kiche” and this is when we meet Gray Beaver, and the grey cub is named White Fang because he was growling at the man how was calling Kiche. White Fang learns to obey “man god” he is first taken with Gray Beaver to sell some of the pelts he had and there he learned to become a fighter by fighting the other dogs there and he meets lip lip and he fight him. He is seen by A ugly old man ironically named Beauty Smith who wants to buy him by tricking him to alcohol and then make his offer later and it works after he gets so addicted the Old man offers him bottles as payment. Later he is put to fight bloody battles with other dogs eventually a man comes to his rescue and takes White Fang from Beauty Smith when he tries to get him back he is threaten to be put in jail. Then we meet Weedon Scott and he is the one who saves White Fang. Under the Care of Weedon he first feels what is was to be loved and before he only knew like. When Weedon has to go to California and he leaves White Fang behind, but little did he know White Fang Actually sneaked on board and went with him.


At the end of this book White Fang becomes a trained dog and saves him from a broken leg by alerting his family he also dies from attacking an escape from prison who Weedon had put in jail. I rate this book 10 out of 10 And this is one of my favorite books and is going with my top ten.



Treasure Island is book about a young man named Jim Hawkins he is the son of a mother that has an Inn and this inn has frequent visitor who tells stories and lives there his name is Captain Bones but Bone has has a heart attack and is dieing when he give a treasure map to Jim. Jim wants to find the treasure on the map and takes a doctor who was helping Bones recover and they try and make a crew. The doc finds one person Named Long John Silver who is so charismatic that he coaxes him to let him pick the crew and this was the dumbest move of the whole book.

They find a Ship called the Hispaniola they sail off the next day. They Start running out of food and there is only one apple left Jim goes to get it at the bottom of the barrel when he hears some one coming he jumps in the barrel to listen he finds out Silver is plotting to have a mutiny to take over to get all of the gold. After a couple weeks of sailing they find it the good crew goes to find the gold and silver is on the ship. Jim is still on the ship but he sneaks off he later finds a marooned pirate whose name was Ben Gun. and he claims he is rich but Jim thinks he is crazy.

Silver is the one with all the guns and the captain calls for a truce but neither of them really want to give up. Later the good part of the crew finds a fort and the pirate attack the good crew won because they had a fort and the pirates lose a lot of members. When Jim sneaks of to do his plan he finds the ship he wants to beach the boat. He gets on and finds that the crew is drunk and have resorted to killing each other.

He finds his friend Hands and they navigate the ship together he later finds out that Hands wants to kill him yet he is shocked when he actually attacks him. After that he leaves to go to the fort that the good crew was in fort but when he gets there he is captured and found out that they had left and the pirates took over. Finally when the pirates look for the gold they find it was already taken. when they where looking the good crew attacked and killed all but Silver and Ben Gun had already taken the gold and they left Silver marooned and they took Ben Gun and the gold and went home.

The Constructions of Cathedrals took hundreds of years and many people who worked on them did not even get to see the final complete build of something they spent all of their time building.  Cathedrals were giant stone churches that required masons to build, you can assume took a lot of money they would get this money from people paying things called Indulgences and these were scams that said they would get there sin washed away if the payed them. So these people were scamming everyone even the homeless.  The Cologne Cathedral took 640 years to build and this is in Germany. St.  Peters Bassilica was the largest Cathedral in the world and it measured about 50 square kilometers.

This Weekend is Mothers Day so I am going Write about it. The First ever Mother’s day was 1908 which was 105 years ago when Anna Jarvis had a memorial for her mom. This ceremony was is Grafton West Virgina. Anna Jarvis made Mother’s day a recognized Holiday because In 1905 Her very deeply loved mother died Ann Reeves Jarvis. Before Ann was trying to make it a holiday and after hard work she showed honor by finishing whats she wanted. Even though they made it a holiday she started to hate and be angry at the company’s trying to get rich off of this new holiday. In the 1920’s they started to create cards for Mother’s Day and Anna got so mad she saw that people were missing the meaning of it, it was supposed to me Sentimental not a profit so she tried to Stop all Mother’s days. Eventually she got so mad in 1923 she crashed a candy makers convention in Philadelphia. Anna’s New holiday was then celebrated around the world.


This post is going to be about jokes and history about jokes and facts. One of the first jokes was “Something in which has never occurred is a young woman farting in her husbands lap”. Jokes have been around forever some people say that one of the first jokes ever was the human race.  There are 3 different types of jokes. You have a Verbal joke which means something you say to mess with the other person or to make them laugh like Yo momma jokes or regular jokes. Then you have Anti joke which is something like this ” What did the Lion say to the Ant nothing because Lions cant talk”. And after that type you have the Physical Joke where you do something like putting roaches in there bed or putting red hair dye in someones shampoo bottle. My Favorite type of jokes are Physical jokes. My favorite Physical joke is where you smack someone and they chase after you and another guy hits him with a exercise ball as soon as he rounds the corner.

King Arthur was a defender against Saxon invaders in 537 to 539. There are a lot of different battles that Arthur was in and so valiantly fought in. There are also a lot of debated history of Merlin the wizard and other myths.Alfred the great ruled over England from 871 to 899 The title Great was given to him from his very good sense of leader ship. His leadership was mostly shown when he resisted many attacks from enemy Vikings. Alfreds Father was the king of Wessex and his name was Aethelwulf and he was a Fourth son.Canute the great Conquers England by heading from Wessex north and going to London he takes a army and captures London after a battle at Penselwood  in Somerset. Eventually they were forced to write a treaty and and he holds down London till England gives up and he conquers.Harold Godwinson defeats vikings at the battle of Stamford And during the battle about 6000 people died. The Battle of Stamford bridge was between the Vikings and Saxons .William the conqueror wins battle of Hastings By killing Harold from a arrow shot to the eye All of his men retreated after that and after a treaty was signed and William became King at Christmas. At first People fought about William becoming king because they liked Harold a lot because of his leadership.

Wulf the Saxon is based in the 11th century and is about a young Saxon thane who is a young page for Earl Harold he has a quarrel with another page and he is sent home to learn the duties of a real thane.

Later the earl becomes king and Wulf with his friend help him do deeds around the kingdom to help the king rule. While doing all of these deeds aiding the king people started trusting him even the Duke William. Wulf goes on a expedition with Harold when suddenly they are thrown off course and the crash along the coast of France and they get captured by the french and Wulf is threatened to have his ears slit.After a page that had left told William and William came to the save them. After that William tricked Harold into saying an oath that meant that he was the master over Harold and he had to listen to him and what he said.

During the battle of hasting which happened a little after that Harold went to war with William. During the fight Harold got shot in the eye and died. Eventually after William was crowned king of England that Christmas the people still did not like him because he killed there other king Harold.

This book was pretty good not my favorite but it was still good it was interesting I would rate it a 6 out of 10.