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Killing about 2000 it was the strongest hurricane that year. It was the fifth strongest hurricane in the United States of America. It started in August 2005 and had a overall damage cost of 81 billion dollars. Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi but New Orleans most of all. 80 percent of New Orleans was under water 20 feet deep. Hurricane Katrina damaged over 90,000 miles and destroyed 100,000 houses. The first water that rushed in the city of New Orleans was clear and clean but after a few days it was black with sewage and dead bodies.

In five days we will be going on a train trip across America. Saturday is when we are heading out on the rails. This is going to go down as one of the best trips in Corbins History Book. This will propbaly be first on this list before the spring break trip i had. the last time i had gone on a good was when i went on a trip in 2011 during spring break. on the trip in 2011 we did 14 states and 2500 miles we are going to pass that by leaps and bounds. We are going to double that by 26 states 75000. This trip is going to take 14 days or longer because of delayed trained. During this trip i am going to skate a lot because there will probably be a lot of hills. Thats gonna be my trip and what i do.

Today my Mom and I pruned roses what a lovely thing to do said nobody ever. No but seriously it hurt because we did not have the right gloves or shoes. Lesson learned use the right tool for the right job. Every time we tried to walk there would be thorns that would go in our feet. But a good thing that happened yesterday was I got new wheels for my skateboard and new stuff for the wheels also. Today I put on the cream for my wheels and it made the board go a lot faster. That was most of the things I have done today and yesterday.

I can remember it like it was yesterday how I got here of course. That day I got up for my job interview and ate breakfast then left while locking up the house I remembered I forgot to take my fish oil then I took them and started to feel dizzy and passed out and woke up here. When I woke up there were all my neighbor around me and even the police. Except things were different all the colors were inverted… People were blueish and there hair were colors ranging from white to blue. The trees were purple and the grass was too. My neighbors weren’t my real neighbors somehow there personalities changed so the old grumpy man I knew wasn’t old he was only 38 and happy too. The woman who used to be a stay at home mom about 32 with 3 kids was now 80 with no kids. It was all weird everything was messed up and me, I was still me. Then I looked down the road and there was a giant billboard that said “Somewhere else it isn’t Opposite Day you are not welcome in Opposite Day land.” then I was mad. I had no job interview I wasn’t going to have a job nothing. Then I went to the store to get food and there were blue bananas. That’s when I woke up then every thing was normal and then I walked down the street to see a billboard that said ” Here it is always Opposite Day you are always welcome here in Houston.”



This year for my birthday I got a iPhone and also a 15 dollar iTunes gift card. Also my birthday weekend I went to a church activity with my brothers and spent the night at the church. Every night we stayed up till 3:00 in the morning. The first night we went and played basketball and hide and go seek then we watched The Goonies. The next day we had a parade for a guy named Lester who worked for our church and all of his kids were there. We went up and down market street and people even joined in. Then after the parade we had free time during that time we had a bouncy castle thing and we messed around for about 2 hours after that we had communion. That night we played hide and go seek all night and fell asleep at 3 again. Then that morning we got up and I went home and my brothers went off to college again.

People say King Arthur was just a myth but as they uncover facts they are starting to believe he is real. I think he is real because a factual writing said his name i it called England’s History. This is not the first time we have heard about King Arthur the first time is when Geoffery of Monmouth wrote about King Arthur in a story. King Arthur was a legendary leader for the Britons against the Saxons. He lived in The 5th to 6th century’s. Geoffery wrote about how he single handily took out 960 men and defeated the Saxons to rule and empire over Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and Gaul. The story talked about a Wizard named Merlin, Arthur’s wife is named Guinevere, and his sword Excalibur. He had his final battle with Mordred And he died in Avalon.

Justinian the Great was the a emperor for Byzantine He was also the first. He invented Greek fire. Greek fire was the first type of flame thrower. First you would like the coals in front of the fuel tube then have people pump the fuel out to spray further. Greek fire was so powerful it could light the water on fire. So when people heard the enemies had Greek fire they would retreat right away because they knew the damage it can do.

Clovis 1 is the first king of the franks he was first king at 15 years of age when his dad died. He was first king of the Salian Franks. People said he is such a good ruler he was considered the ruler of the Merovingian Dynasty. His name is Germanic and the roots are from Louis.

The Liberty Bell is a prominent mark in United States of Americas history. The Bell was made by White Chapel Foundry and it cost 30,000 in todays money. The White Chapel is a bell making company in England. In 1752 the bell was made and sent when it got there they rang the bell to make sure it worked and it cracked. They went to the captain to make him take it back because it was broken but he already had a full load. The iron forgers tryed to fix it but it still sounded bad. After 2 castings the bell started to sound better. Historians say the crew might have hit it hard when they were moving it. Eventually they got a new bell and they put the new bell in the empty bell tower. It rang from then on for july 4th.