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Today I learned about the early church of Christianity. The death of Jesus marked the beginning of Christianity. After 33 A.D. Christianity spread rapidly then Theodorius declared Christianity the official religion of Rome. Then they started a thing called monasticism where there are are monks how give away all there money to the poor and lived out the bible verse Mark 10:21.

The Dragon and the The Raven is a realistic historical fiction book by G.A. Henty. The book is about a brave boy who’s father has died in a battle between The Saxons and The Danes. The Saxons are Christians that fight for God. The Danes fight for pagan gods that try to destroy Christianity.

All the chapters up to the last are about Edmund the valiant brave boy fighting for the Saxons he is also a good leader and servant for King Alfred. During fighting he gets captured and he sees a beautiful girl who’s life he had spared with his dads life too and she repays him back by helping him escape.

During the 17th chapter he finds out that Freda is captured by Swevyn a Dane who love Freda very much and is trying to marry her. In the end Edmund fights the Dane and then Freda’s dad cuts off his head kills him. Finally after Freda being a worshiper of false gods gets converted to christianity and right after that she gets married as a Christian.

Favorite quote was when Edmund says “We have no wish to slay your father nor maiden”. That quote is when Edmund spares the live of Freda and her dad.This is my favorite quote because it changes so much of the story and is the end. when they get married.

I give this book 5 out of 5 rating because f all of the action and how fun the book was to read. I would recommend this book to everybody even people who don’t like books.

Me and my friend had fun with the snow! First I had a ramp that was Icy had we slide down it. We found a pallet and slide down the ramp. Second we got a pole and hit the snow of our roof to build a snow man. Then after we got enough we made a snowman. Third we got the lawn mower and hooked a pallet to the back and drove each other around.

Today I studied about the Roman Empire. The first emperor of Roman Empire was Augustus. Augustus’s rule was a dictatorship. Eventually Rome rose to its peak at 264 B.C. Another good thing that happened was the Pax Romana which was peace between the members of the Roman Empire. But after that the empire was weakened by money problems. Then the Visigoths invaded Rome and stole many things.
Today I learned about phones and how they work. Phones have transducers transducers are a thing in the speaker and microphone. The transducer is a thing that transfers sound energy into electrical energy. Each phone has 2 of these transducers. Transferring to electrical energy allows the message to be transmitted the speed of light. That was what I studied today. Today was a good day and I had fun learning.

Today I experienced something that hurts really bad. Today was going to be a good day I thought but first my best friend Sam and I had both ran into each other from a truck that was messing with us. Then I thought today was going to be a bad. But I said that’s not going to ruin my day and I went on. Then I thought let’s go to the steepest most fun hill that I had done a few times before but not from the very top. So while I am going down I say why not get off now I am already going fast but then I would feel like a wimp. Then when I am at the bottom of the hill I tumbled like a tumble weed. Then I started crying not because it hurt but because I would have to go to the hospital but the woman that helped me said I would not have to. After all that we got my friends sister to come pick me up and that’s the story of my skateboarding crash.

China has a more violent history but India has a dark past. China has been ruled by five different dynasty’s. First is Xia this dynasty had no written records. Second Shang a dynasty that created more organized cites but had a cruel line of kings. Third the Zhou dynasty was sent out fighting cities for 900 years of violence. Second to last the Qin dynasty ruled be Shi Huangdi made better travel strong central government and built great wall of China. But Shi had burned all books and killed scholars he also embraced slavery. Next was the Han dynasty who reunited the country and replaced all the books and embraced learning of Confucius I famous scholar. He also increased land in china and invented paper making.
India had great warriors but after seeing the result of war he embraced Hinduism and Buddhism which rely on a peaceful meditation. Leaders came up with bureaucracy and the cast system which has 5 different levels first the Priest second the nobles third is merchant fourth unskilled workers fifth the outcasts. The idea was if you were an outcast if you were reincarnated you were still going to be an outcast = no point to life. India says you cannot work up the ladder which goes against most Americans the try to become a higher status in their job. But they are trying to get rid of Caste.

Today we made a plan for the new school year. Seeing from classes on math to going on a field trip. But eventually we are going on a awesome train trip. So far we have most things figured out but we still have to figure out what to do when we are there. I am going to blog on the trip if I can

Today I watched a video on shutter speeds and learned how to use shutter speeds on certain types of pictures. So me and my brother used a longer shutter speed and tried to write are names with flash lights. Also I I read 5 chapters of my book I am reading. But after that I did 5 pages of of history homework it was easy because I knew all of it but there were new things I learned to.