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Over my life time I have finished my lifetime goal which is to become a famous photographer. After CLEPING out of college and attending photography courses I made it into the newspaper. While being in the newspaper I had made a huge portfolio. But soon enough I found somebody to work with to make my own newspaper. Also as you know it has been going well but eventually it will not be mine and somebody will have to give it away

Today I had the most surprising Christmas yet. First of all I helped put a workbench up that turned out to be mine. It is awesome and I plan to do a lot of things with it. Second I got a awesome helicopter that came with a camera! But in the end it’s not about the presents or the awkward looking pajamas it’s about Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Today My mom and I threw a big surprise birthday party for my great grandma. Trust me when I say huge, 100 or so people tightly fitted in a old church room. Still people had a great time. My grand am has always wanted a money tree so we made her a tree when every one got there they each put money on the tree by the end of the party she had 854 dollars! For food they brought a face cake with a picture of my grandma’s face, and also brought punch, red velvet cupcakes, and mini sandwiches. My grandma thought that she was going to a boring regular Mexican food restaurant but no she had a awesome surprise party.

Today I went hiking with my friend Sam. We hiked all through the back of the neighborhood. It is 6:00 and I’m ready to pass out. I also did some code and compared fractions.
This morning we had a man breakfast which has steak and eggs it was the best because my mom was gone and it was just the boys at the table.

Yesterday we went shopping for clothes and ran errands. It was very boring. But Christmas is in 5 days! Then when I got home we learned about Lenny Ross and about Oprah. Lenny was a kid prodigy and won 100,000 dollars. Oprah is a tv show billionaire. Also yesterday I watched a video on success.

Here are my main indicators of becoming a pro photographer.
My indicators of success are getting paid to take photos for the news paper, and to pass on my legacy. Also to help pass on the legacy I will do free classes in the summer for all ages. Then I will become a freelancer for the news paper and try to get name recognition and experience. finally once i am done there I will build a portfolio. If there are really different camera changes in the future then I will follow up with a new technic and buy one.I will also stay on top of developing technology. I want people to remember my name when i die or when I retire. I want to make a different way to take pictures and even build a camera. Those are just some of the things I want to do when I grow up.

Photography is one of my favorite, and most successful hobbies. I really like to take pictures with my DSLR camera. My mom and people say it is good. I think it is good to but I could do better. I think that is one of the most successful things I do. Also in scouts I help the kids and thats pretty successful. But most kids are kid of annoying. Both of these things i like to do and I do them all the time. I don’t like to do this but i am good at being a quarterback for football i would rather be a wide receiver because i am good at catching the ball. I can catch most of the things they throw unless it is really bad. Aside from football I like To play basket ball, but then again i like every sport. Other than those I can’t think of any thing else that i’m good at.

What makes a good leader?
Lately I have been taking a leadership course( the course demonstrates how organizations have trained their leaders), and now as a assignment I am going to write a 250 word essay for you.

A good leader is someone who makes promises and sticks to them, but some leaders don’t, and get thrown out for it. With every leadership challenge comes great responsibility, if you are a good leader you are willing, and brave enough to take responsibility for your actions. The Communist party had good ideas for creating leaders, but I do not agree with the Communist ways. But i do agree with the AA’s approach to training their leaders.

The way the Communist party trains leaders is to make them go out to sell the daily worker, but they get harassed by the people disagreeing, and asking them questions . Then they have training for the defense of their main cause, but the AAs approach is a voluntary anonymous meeting group.

In boy scouts if I was the Senior patrol leader i would first would make steps that everyone could work on one at a time to get it done. Second keep everyone focused on the goal. Third follow up to see if everyone did their job. Then once done with the series of tasks look for other goals to make a better troop.

The AA’s message is “one day at a time for a lifetime”, and the Communist party is “anything for the party.” I agree it is weird to compare Communists, alcoholics, and Boy Scouts but it is an example of organizations that successfully grew quickly.

Today I did a grammar bytes test to improve my horrible grammar. But I still scored a pretty good score 66 but it was for adults so yea.
Also I went to the hour of code class. It was in the apple store.
There were a bunch of really smart and bratty kids in there.
There was one kid screwing around on some game and when the coach took it he went up in a fit.
Then I saw a movie about founding our country. From The Revolutionary War to the Panama Canal.