All posts for the month November, 2013

Today we watched a documentary on Anglo-Saxons , Vikings and King Alfred The Great.
Also we learned about Kris Kristofferson a famous actor and song writer for Johnny Cash , Wille Nelson and other singers.
He was in a movie called Lone Star.
We learned about writing term papers.

A book about a lonely old man who finds Friends John and Larane in his last years. Mr.Pignati a man who’s wife has died. John a teen who messes around and wants to be a actor. Larane who wants to be a writer.
One day John wants to have fun so he makes a game where you find a random number in the phone book and call it this is how they meet Mr.Pignati. When they are over John wants to have fun so he puts on some roller skates and skates around. Then Mr.Pignati jumps in to have fun but when John takes it to far and goes upstairs Mr.Pignati has a heart attack.
While he is in the hospital they threw a party but a kid breaks his stuff . Mr.Pignati forgave them and they go to the zoo and they find out that Bobo Mr.Pignati’s favorite monkey has died and then he dies.
I recommend this book and give it 5 stars